Contractors -Tired Of Constant Competition?

Do you feel like Flash Gordon? I mean if you’re getting your leads from Home Advisor, I’m assuming you

must have super reflexes, and NEVER SLEEP; since Home Advisor will resell the same leads to up to 10

different contractors! It stinks that you have to DROP whatever you are doing to ensure you even get a shot

at a bid.

It may have been just an hour ago that a costly Home Advisor lead was deposited into your e-mail. So you

SCRAMBLE to make a phone call and STILL you’re greeted with an angry homeowner who tells you

they’re tired of getting phone calls and they’ve already chosen a contractor.

And here comes the fun part! You will STILL need to pay between $25 and $75 for this lead!

Well I say ENOUGH!

I’d like to make your day! My name is Danny Pounds and I’m with SDP Consulting++; I’d like to offer you some

FRESH and EXCLUSIVE LEADS – you see I’m already generating original leads and selling them to

companies like just like yours – but I’m not reselling them to 10 different contractors just so I can make a

quick buck. I’m in the relationship business and I care about my contractors getting EXCLUSIVE Leads!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the leads you’re receiving, nobody else has had the opportunity to talk to?

Wouldn’t that take the pressure off?

Why not contact me today? I’d love to show you that I really want to help your business continue to grow

and cut your monthly expenses! Interested? I know you are! ……. Call Me Today